Binjiang Dadao : 滨江大道 : 빈장다다오, 상하이

Posted at 2010.06.02 16:37 // in Steps/2010 Shanghai, China // by Donghun Han hanparao
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Green Tea sesame roll at Starbucks Coffee Shop.
 I needed some time for rest.
 And I got a chance to have a nice chat with friend.
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Binjiang Dado is popular street in Shanghai.
There were enough benchs... good view of course.
And you can smell Huangpu River...
I loved it!
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There were many chinese people but it was hard to find foreigners.
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It seemed debris of Dock facility.

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Panorama of the Bund, 와이탄
In my opinion, night scenery of The bund is more romantic than that of Pudong.