Hang out the laundry in Shanghai : 상하이 빨래건조

Posted at 2010. 5. 27. 14:38 // in Steps/2010 Shanghai, China // by Donghun Han hanparao
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 When I first saw this sight, It was little strange thing.
Because, I have hardly seen like this before in Korea.
In Korea, they usually dry their laundry in house or veranda in apartment.
They reluctant to hang out their clothes that everyone easy to see; maybe air pollution problem too.
 I'm not sure that Shanghai has a clean air or not. Anyway, in Shanghai, you can see laundry everywhere. Even I saw it was hung at rooftop of department store. And sometimes it seemed to dangerous, can you see a T-shirt hanging on electric power line pole(Left picture)?
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    2010.05.27 23:06 [수정/삭제] [답글]

    상해뿐만 아니라 이탈리아나, 일본에서도 어렵지 않게 볼 수 있지. 반면 영국은 비가 언제 올지 몰라서 밖에 건조하는 사람이 거의 없고..ㅎㅎ

    • hanparao

      2010.05.31 19:00 [수정/삭제]

      이탈리아에서는 좀 본것 같은데 일본은 왠지 기억이 없어요...
      여기저기 있는 가지각색의 빨래들이 처음에는 계속 눈이 가더라구요ㅎㅎ