Another day at Xintiandi, Shanghai : 신톈디 그리고 푸싱시루

Posted at 2010. 6. 19. 09:21 // in Steps/2010 Shanghai, China // by Donghun Han hanparao
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This is Xintiandi(新天地).
Which was developed by businessman from HK.
It seemed European style complex, however these buildings are 弄堂 style which is traditional dwelling style of south chinese.
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Jazz Club "Brown Sugar"
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She played Violin Sonata of Edward Elgar.
I prefer Edward Elgar cello concert but it was romantic enough.
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People at Xintiandi.
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I had a brunch at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.
I wrote some postcards and E-mail to my friends.
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left for west Fu xing rd.

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 Cafe Ginger at west Fu xing rd.
  Apple crumble
  Lemon Tart
  Tropical Slurp

  Total: 115 RMB

It tasted really great!
How can I explain...
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I'll never forget west Fu xing rd. with platanus..