One hot day in Shanghai : 상하이 몇일째

Posted at 2010. 6. 15. 13:10 // in Steps/2010 Shanghai, China // by Donghun Han hanparao
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I loved old-fashioned streets
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 in Shanghai

Everyone know that chinese like two things.
Red color and number 8.
Jin Mao Tower is a symbolic building of Shanghai.
You can find chinese idea of '8' in this building.
The building has 88 floors.
And also located on adress 88.
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View from Jin Mao Tower.
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Grand Hyatt Shanghai located at 53-87 Floor in this building.
It was really amazing!
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Self shot
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SWFC building which is only one taller building than this tower.
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  It was hot. I Took a rest... I had to.
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  Christian Dior's fashion show "Cruise" in Shanghai.
   John Galliano was there.
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